Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is a neighborhood of San Diego, bounded by La Jolla to the north, Mission Beach and Mission Bay to the south, Interstate 5 to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.[1] While largely populated by young people, surfers, and college students, the population is becoming older, more professional, and more affluent due to rising property and rental costs. “P.B.,” as it is known as by local residents, is home to one of San Diego’s larger nightlife scenes, with dozens of bars, eateries, and clothing stores.

Pacific Beach’s namesake stretches for miles from the Mission Bay jetty to the cliffs of La Jolla. The boardwalk, officially called Ocean Front Walk/Ocean Boulevard, is a pedestrian walkway that runs approximately 3.2 miles along the beach from the end of Law St. in the north down into Mission Beach, ending at the mouth of Mission Bay in the south. There are many local shops, bars, and restaurants along the boardwalk, and it is typically crowded with pedestrians, cyclists, rollerbladers, and shoppers. Also adjacent to the boardwalk is the Crystal Pier, a public pier and hotel at the west end of Garnet Avenue.

The streets in Pacific Beach were renamed several times before receiving their current designations in 1900.[2] The primary north-south street running parallel to the beach is Mission Blvd., with the streets named after late 19th century federal officials, then incrementing in alphabetical order as they move further from the coast: Bayard, Cass, Dawes, Everts, Fanuel, Gresham, Haines, Ingraham, Jewell, Kendall, Lamont, Morrell, Noyes, Olney, and Pendleton. Mission Boulevard was formerly Allison Street, being the “A” street of the series.

The east-west streets are mostly named after precious stones. Starting at the north end of Mission Blvd. and heading south, the streets are:

▪ Turquoise
▪ Sapphire
▪ Tourmaline
▪ Opal
▪ Loring
▪ Wilbur
▪ Beryl
▪ Law
▪ Chalcedony
▪ Missouri
▪ Diamond
▪ Emerald
▪ Felspar – an alternate spelling of “Feldspar” that has fallen out of use
▪ Garnet – pronounced locally with the second syllable accented, /ɡɑrˈnɛt/, unlike the pronunciation of the stone.
▪ Hornblend – spelled differently than the amphibole, Hornblende
▪ Grand
▪ Thomas
▪ Reed
▪ Oliver


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